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Project Database

The project database in SWAT+ Editor is made in SQLite. SWAT+ Editor uses the Peewee ORM (object-relational mapping) to represent and work with the tables in Python. The use of an ORM provides a layer of abstraction and portability in hopes of streamlining future SWAT+ development projects.

Download a SQLite file containing the project table structure.


This page is incomplete and under development.

Foreign Keys

Relationships are defined in a Peewee ORM python class as a ForeignKeyField. In the python class, the field will be named after the object it is referencing. In the database, this name will automatically be appended by the referencing table’s column name, which is usually id.

For example, we have two tables representing soils: soils (soils_sol) and layers (soils_sol_layer). The layer table has a foreign key to the main soils table, so we know to which soil the layer belongs. In the python class, this field is named soil, and in the database it is called soil_id. See the Soils module for reference.


Section label in file.cio simulation
Python module database/project/


Text file name Database table name Related tables
time.sim time_sim  
print.prt print_prt print_prt_aa_int, print_prt_object
object.prt object_prt  
object.cnt object_cnt  


class Time_sim(BaseModel):
    day_start = IntegerField()
    yrc_start = IntegerField()
    day_end = IntegerField()
    yrc_end = IntegerField()
    step = IntegerField()
PK id int
  day_start int
  yrc_start int
  day_end int
  yrc_end int
  step int


class Object_prt(BaseModel):
    ob_typ = CharField()
    ob_typ_no = IntegerField()
    hyd_typ = CharField()
    filename = CharField()
PK id int
  ob_typ text
  ob_typ_no int
  hyd_typ text
  filename text



If the integer fields are set to 0, use the total - calculated programmatically.

ls_area and tot_area from the text files are not included as they will be calculated.

class Object_cnt(BaseModel):
    name = CharField()
    obj = IntegerField(default=0)
    hru = IntegerField(default=0)
    lhru = IntegerField(default=0)
    rtu = IntegerField(default=0)
    mfl = IntegerField(default=0)
    aqu = IntegerField(default=0)
    cha = IntegerField(default=0)
    res = IntegerField(default=0)
    rec = IntegerField(default=0)
    exco = IntegerField(default=0)
    dlr = IntegerField(default=0)
    can = IntegerField(default=0)
    pmp = IntegerField(default=0)
    out = IntegerField(default=0)
    lcha = IntegerField(default=0)
    aqu2d = IntegerField(default=0)
    hrd = IntegerField(default=0)
    wro = IntegerField(default=0)
PK id int
  name text
  obj int
  hru int
  lhru int
  rtu int
  mfl int
  aqu int
  cha int
  res int
  rec int
  exco int
  dlr int
  can int
  pmp int
  out int
  lcha int
  aqu2d int
  hrd int
  wro int


Section label in file.cio climate
Python module database/project/


Text file name Database table name Related tables
weather_wgn.cli weather_wgn_cli weather_wgn_cli_mon
weather_sta.cli weather_sta_cli  
wind_dir.cli wind_dir_cli  
atmo.cli atmo_cli atmo_cli_sta, atmo_cli_sta_value


The weather generators are populated from an external table formatted in a similar structure to the one below. US and global CFSR SQLite databases are available on the SWAT+ Editor repository.

class Weather_wgn_cli(BaseModel):
    name = CharField()
    lat = DoubleField()
    lon = DoubleField()
    elev = DoubleField()
    rain_yrs = IntegerField()
PK id int
  name text
  lat real
  lon real
  elev real
  rain_yrs int


Each wgn has a set of values for each month. In SWAT2012, the months were represented in a single table along with the wgn definition. In SWAT+ we have opted for a normalized approach.

class Weather_wgn_cli_mon(BaseModel):
    weather_wgn_cli = ForeignKeyField(Weather_wgn_cli, related_name='monthly_values', on_delete='CASCADE')
    month = IntegerField()
    tmp_max_ave = DoubleField()
    tmp_min_ave = DoubleField()
    tmp_max_sd = DoubleField()
    tmp_min_sd = DoubleField()
    pcp_ave = DoubleField()
    pcp_sd = DoubleField()
    pcp_skew = DoubleField()
    wet_dry = DoubleField()
    wet_wet = DoubleField()
    pcp_days = DoubleField()
    pcp_hhr = DoubleField()
    slr_ave = DoubleField()
    dew_ave = DoubleField()
    wnd_ave = DoubleField()
PK id int  
FK weather_wgn_cli_id int REFERENCES weather_wgn_cli (id) ON DELETE CASCADE
  month int  
  tmp_max_ave real  
  tmp_min_ave real  
  tmp_max_sd real  
  tmp_min_sd real  
  pcp_ave real  
  pcp_sd real  
  pcp_skew real  
  wet_dry real  
  wet_wet real  
  pcp_days real  
  pcp_hhr real  
  slr_ave real  
  dew_ave real  
  wnd_ave real  


class Weather_sta_cli(BaseModel):
    name = CharField()
    wgn = ForeignKeyField(Weather_wgn_cli, null=True, on_delete='SET NULL')
    pcp = CharField(null=True)
    tmp = CharField(null=True)
    slr = CharField(null=True)
    hmd = CharField(null=True)
    wnd = CharField(null=True)
    wnd_dir = CharField(null=True)
    atmo_dep = CharField(null=True)
    lat = DoubleField(null=True)
    lon = DoubleField(null=True)
PK id int  
  name text  
FK wgn_id int REFERENCES weather_wgn_cli (id) ON DELETE SET NULL
  pcp text null
  tmp text null
  slr text null
  hmd text null
  wnd text null
  wnd_dir text null
  atmo_dep text null
  lat real null
  lon real null



This table may be incomplete / inaccurate.

class Wind_dir_cli(BaseModel):
    name = CharField()
    cnt = IntegerField()
    n = DoubleField()
    nne = DoubleField()
    ne = DoubleField()
    ene = DoubleField()
    e = DoubleField()
    ese = DoubleField()
    se = DoubleField()
    sse = DoubleField()
    s = DoubleField()
    ssw = DoubleField()
    sw = DoubleField()
    wsw = DoubleField()
    w = DoubleField()
    wnw = DoubleField()
    nw = DoubleField()
    nnw = DoubleField()
PK id int
  name text
  cnt int
  n real
  nne real
  ne real
  ene real
  e real
  ese real
  se real
  sse real
  s real
  ssw real
  sw real
  wsw real
  w real
  wnw real
  nw real
  nnw real


class Atmo_cli(BaseModel):
    filename = CharField()
    timestep = CharField()
    mo_init = IntegerField()
    yr_init = IntegerField()
    num_aa = IntegerField()
PK id int
  filename text
  timestep int
  mo_init int
  yr_init int
  num_aa int
class Atmo_cli_sta(BaseModel):
    atmo_cli = ForeignKeyField(Atmo_cli, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='stations')
    name = CharField()
PK id int  
  atmo_cli int REFERENCES atmo_cli (id) ON DELETE CASCADE
  name text  
class Atmo_cli_sta_value(BaseModel):
    sta = ForeignKeyField(Atmo_cli_sta, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='values')
    timestep = IntegerField()
    nh4_wet = DoubleField()
    no3_wet = DoubleField()
    nh4_dry = DoubleField()
    no3_dry = DoubleField()
PK id int  
  sta int REFERENCES atmo_cli_sta (id) ON DELETE CASCADE
  timestep int  
  nh4_wet real  
  no3_wet real  
  nh4_dry real  
  no3_dry real  


The purpose of this table is to keep track of observed weather files and the lat/lon coordinates associated with each for easy pairing with weather stations.

The type field should be one of the following: hmd, pcp, slr, tmp, wnd

class Weather_file(BaseModel):
    filename = CharField()
    type = CharField()
    lat = DoubleField()
    lon = DoubleField()
PK id int
  filename text
  type text
  lat real
  lon real


Section label in file.cio connect
Python module database/project/


Text file name Database table name Related tables
hru.con hru_con hru_con_out, hru_data_hru
hru_lte.con hru_lte_con hru_lte_con_out, hru_lte_hr
rout_unit.con rout_unit_con rout_unit_con_out, rout_unit_rtu
modflow.con modflow_con modflow_con_out
aquifer.con aquifer_con aquifer_con_out, aquifer_aqu
aquifer2d.con aquifer2d_con aquifer2d_con_out, aquifer_aqu
channel.con channel_con channel_con_out, channel_cha
reservoir.con reservoir_con reservoir_con_out, reservoir_res
recall.con recall_con recall_con_out, recall_rec
exco.con exco_con exco_con_out, exco_exc
delratio.con delratio_con delratio_con_out, delratio_del
outlet.con outlet_con outlet_con_out
chandeg.con chandeg_con chandeg_con_out, channel_lte_cha

Each connect file has basically the same structure and is represented by two tables in the database: the connect table and the outflow parameters table. Because of the shared structure, we use the following base classes in Python from which each connect table above is inherited.

class Con(BaseModel):
    """Inheritable base class for all connect files."""
    name = CharField()
    area = DoubleField()
    lat = DoubleField()
    lon = DoubleField()
    elev = DoubleField(null=True)
    wst = ForeignKeyField(climate.Weather_sta_cli, null=True, on_delete='SET NULL')
    cst = ForeignKeyField(constituents.Constituents_cs, null=True)
    ovfl = IntegerField()
    rule = IntegerField()

class Con_out(BaseModel):
    """Inheritable base class for all outflow parameters in many of the connect files."""
    order = IntegerField()
    obj_typ = CharField()
    obj_id = IntegerField()
    hyd_typ = CharField()
    frac = DoubleField()
PK id int  
  name text  
  area real  
  lat real  
  lon real  
  elev real null
FK wst_id int REFERENCES weather_sta_cli (id) ON DELETE SET NULL
FK cst_id int REFERENCES constituents_cs (id)
  ovfl int  
  rule int  
PK id int
  order int
  obj_typ text
  obj_id int
  hyd_typ text
  frac real

Specific code implementations of each connect table are defined below:

class Hru_con(Con):
    hru = ForeignKeyField(hru_db.Hru_data_hru, null=True)

class Hru_con_out(Con_out):
    hru_con = ForeignKeyField(Hru_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='hru_con_outs')

class Hru_lte_con(Con):
    lhru = ForeignKeyField(hru_db.Hru_lte_hru, null=True)

class Hru_lte_con_out(Con_out):
    hru_lte_con = ForeignKeyField(Hru_lte_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='hru_lte_con_outs')

class Rout_unit_con(Con):
    rtu = ForeignKeyField(routing_unit.Rout_unit_rtu, null=True)

class Rout_unit_con_out(Con_out):
    rtu_con = ForeignKeyField(Rout_unit_con, on_delete ='CASCADE', related_name='rout_unit_con_outs')

class Modflow_con(Con):
    mfl = IntegerField()  # Should be FK to something, but no modflow object yet that I can find.

class Modflow_con_out(Con_out):
    modflow_con = ForeignKeyField(Modflow_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='modflow_con_outs')

class Aquifer_con(Con):
    aqu = ForeignKeyField(aquifer.Aquifer_aqu, null=True)

class Aquifer_con_out(Con_out):
    aquifer_con = ForeignKeyField(Aquifer_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='aquifer_con_outs')

class Aquifer2d_con(Con):
    aqu2d = ForeignKeyField(aquifer.Aquifer_aqu, null=True) # Some doubt in documentation about this link

class Aquifer2d_con_out(Con_out):
    aquifer2d_con = ForeignKeyField(Aquifer2d_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='aquifer2d_con_outs')

class Channel_con(Con):
    cha = ForeignKeyField(channel.Channel_cha, null=True)

class Channel_con_out(Con_out):
    channel_con = ForeignKeyField(Channel_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='channel_con_outs')

class Reservoir_con(Con):
    res = ForeignKeyField(reservoir.Reservoir_res, null=True)

class Reservoir_con_out(Con_out):
    reservoir_con = ForeignKeyField(Reservoir_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='reservoir_con_outs')

class Recall_con(Con):
    rec = ForeignKeyField(exco.Recall_rec, null=True)

class Recall_con_out(Con_out):
    recall_con = ForeignKeyField(Recall_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='recall_con_outs')

class Exco_con(Con):
    exco = ForeignKeyField(exco.Exco_exc, null=True)

class Exco_con_out(Con_out):
    exco_con = ForeignKeyField(Exco_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='exco_con_outs')

class Delratio_con(Con):
    dlr = ForeignKeyField(dr.Delratio_del, null=True)

class Delratio_con_out(Con_out):
    delratio_con = ForeignKeyField(Delratio_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='delratio_con_outs')

class Outlet_con(Con):
    out = IntegerField() # Should be FK to something, but no outlet object yet that I can find.

class Outlet_con_out(Con_out):
    outlet_con = ForeignKeyField(Outlet_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='outlet_con_outs')

class Chandeg_con(Con):
    lcha = ForeignKeyField(channel.Channel_lte_cha, null=True)

class Chandeg_con_out(Con_out):
    chandeg_con = ForeignKeyField(Chandeg_con, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='chandeg_con_outs')



Routing Unit


Delivery Ratio



Water Rights






Parameter Database


Landuse Management




Section label in file.cio soils
Python module database/project/


Text file name Database table name Related tables
soils.sol soils_sol soils_sol_layer
nutrients.sol nutrients_sol  


Table Foreign key Referenced table Ref. table key
hru_data_hru soil_id soils_sol id
hru_data_hru soil_nutr_init_id nutrients_sol id


The soils represented in this table are the soils used in the user’s model. They are populated from an external table of soils formatted in a similar structure to the one below. US SSURGO and STATSGO (and potentially other global soils) SQLite databases are available on the SWAT+ Editor repository. A tool will be provided to convert SWAT2012 soil databases to the new format.

class Soils_sol(BaseModel):
    name = CharField(unique=True)
    hyd_grp = CharField()
    dp_tot = DoubleField()
    anion_excl = DoubleField()
    perc_crk = DoubleField()
    texture = CharField()
    description = TextField(null=True)
PK id int  
  name text unique
  hyd_grp text  
  dp_tot real  
  anion_excl real  
  perc_crk real  
  texture text  
  description text null


Each soil can have many layers. In SWAT2012, the layers were represented in a single table along with the soil definition. In SWAT+ we have opted for a normalized approach.

class Soils_sol_layer(BaseModel):
    soil = ForeignKeyField(Soils_sol, on_delete='CASCADE', related_name='layers')
    layer_num = IntegerField()
    dp = DoubleField()
    bd = DoubleField()
    awc = DoubleField()
    soil_k = DoubleField()
    carbon = DoubleField()
    clay = DoubleField()
    silt = DoubleField()
    sand = DoubleField()
    rock = DoubleField()
    alb = DoubleField()
    usle_k = DoubleField()
    ec = DoubleField()
    caco3 = DoubleField(null=True)
    ph = DoubleField(null=True)
PK id int  
FK soil_id int REFERENCES soils_sol (id) ON DELETE CASCADE
  layer_num int  
  dp real  
  bd real  
  awc real  
  soil_k real  
  carb0n real  
  clay real  
  silt real  
  sand real  
  rock real  
  alb real  
  usle_k real  
  ec real  
  caco3 real null
  ph real null


class Nutrients_sol(BaseModel):
    name = CharField(unique=True)
    dp_co = DoubleField()
    tot_n = DoubleField()
    min_n = DoubleField()
    org_n = DoubleField()
    tot_p = DoubleField()
    min_p = DoubleField()
    org_p = DoubleField()
    sol_p = DoubleField()
    h3a_p = DoubleField()
    mehl_p = DoubleField()
    bray_p = DoubleField()
    description = TextField(null=True)
PK id int  
  name text unique
  dp_co real  
  tot_n real  
  min_n real  
  org_n real  
  tot_p real  
  min_p real  
  org_p real  
  sol_p real  
  h3a_p real  
  mehl_p real  
  bray_p real  
  description text null

Decision Table